If you’re considering working with a professional buyer’s agent, we highly recommend it. If you are considering working with Amby Buyers Agency, we can say with certainty that you will not regret your decision to partner with us. Our minimum standard is what others consider above and beyond. Here are some frequently asked questions about working with us.

Amby Buyers Agency provides numerous benefits to their real estate clients, such as:

  • Vast real estate knowledge
  • Insight into the local market
  • The ability to save time scouring for the best listing options
  • Access to listings that are not publicly listed for sale
  • Skillful negotiation tactics to save you money
  • An expert in your corner to ensure you don’t overpay or purchase property that doesn’t deliver on your requirements
  • A relaxed and streamlined real estate purchasing experience

Buyer’s agents provide their clients with critical expertise and services to ensure a smooth residential or commercial property purchase. You can expect the Amby Buyers Agency team to:

  1. Spend the time getting to know you and your goals
  2. Provide expertise and real estate advice
  3. Search and compile a short list of properties that suit your needs
  4. Assist with property walkthroughs and inspections
  5. Help you to make an offer, negotiate, and close the deal
  6. Assist with contracts, legalities, and possession

Although anyone can benefit from working with Amby Buyers Agency, there are some specific real estate scenarios that we highly recommend engaging our team:

  • First-time homeowner
  • Those prospecting from out-of-town
  • People who want to avoid an emotional purchase
  • Those who want to save time
  • Buys who want to save money
  • Investors looking for a bargain for their portfolio

Amby Buyers Agency provides the following services to our clients:

  • Buyer’s Advocacy
  • Expatriate & Foreign Investors
  • Full Service
  • Negotiation Only
  • Auction Bidding
  • Portfolio Optimisation
  • Vendor Advocacy

The buyer’s agent has a legal and contractual obligation to act within the client’s best interest. On the other hand, the seller’s agent works in the seller’s best interest, trying to get top dollar for their client. That being said, you can see why it’s essential that your buyer’s agent has strong negotiation skills to get you a fair price for your real estate purchase.

Absolutely, at Amby Buyers Agency, we leverage our relationships with other industry professionals to ensure we are kept ‘in the know’ on properties that never make it to the public listings. Doing this ensures we can offer our clients access to homes and businesses for sale that much of the public will never know


The straight answer is this: No. If you consider the ‘fee’ alone, you may think, ‘why pay for a buyer’s agent when I can do this myself?’. There are several considerations when deciding if agents are expensive or not:

  • Is it expensive, considering a buyer’s agent combs hundreds of listings to find the right fit?
  • Is it worth paying more than market value because you don’t have an experienced agent backing you up?
  • Can you accept missing out on the perfect property because you didn’t know about it, bid incorrectly, or the seller declined your offer due to a technicality?

The fees are a small sum for big protection and assurances.

As we have a variety of fees for our different services please shoot us an enquiry HERE and we will respond with our fees.

Our clients will tell you that working with us is not an ‘added cost’ to your home purchase. We will save you thousands, or tens of thousands, from your purchase price due to our meticulous research and negotiation techniques.

Yes, we can.

We offer a full-service package for clients who need it and a negotiation-only service for those who have identified the property they would like to buy.


Our offices are based in Double Bay, Manly,  Westmead, Oran Park and Port Macquarie. All of these are in NSW. However, we buy all over Australia for our clients.

Hover over the Locations tab in the header menu to see our office locations.

Since we are Buyer’s Agent only, we do not sell properties. However we can help you find a good Real Estate sales agent. You can also sell without advertising. If you plan to sell “off market” we can show that property to our Buyers. This is 100% free service for the sellers/vendors. We only charge commission to the Buyer.

Contact us if you want to sell “off the market”


Once you decide to work with us, we will move you through our full-service property-buying process:

  1. Buyer’s Brief Creation
  2. Property Search
  3. Market Research
  4. Inspections
  5. Formal Offer
  6. Negotiations
  7. Contract Finalisation
  8. Settlement

Yes. All agents on our team are fully licensed buyers agents. In addition to this, our team brings a wealth of knowledge in project management, law, IT, and real estate. Read more about the team here.



Our team will meet you where you are at. We work with first-time homeowners as well as seasoned investors. No matter the price or amount of real estate purchased, everyone can benefit from working with a dedicated buyer agent. We can work on various strategies based on your needs.


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