About Us

Amby Buyers agency is a group of skilled real estate buyers agents who possess the professional skill of skimming through the giant pool of properties and fetching just the suitable space for you. Our agents are dedicated relentlessly to providing you with the appropriate financial assistance and related negotiations on the property purchases. We Keep track of the properties entering the financial market and create a log on the economic front that enables the buyers to choose easily without battling the unwanted hassle.

Our Firm

Amby Buyers agency was founded in 2020 to address the need for professional buying services in residential and commercial real estate. We offer a full range of Buyer’s agent services and can offer custom solutions based on your specific needs. We are located in Sydney and can help you buy properties all over Australia. End to End Project management for new builds is only offered in Sydney and the Mid north coast of NSW.

What Do We Mean by a Buyer's Agent?

Buyers agents are licensed professionals who can help you know the property you want to buy. In addition, they act as an intermediary between you and your dream investment since they specialize in extensive research and evaluation of the properties available in the market.

The Team

Carol Jain - NSW

Carol Jain is a fully licensed Buyers agent and has extensive experience in buying, building, selling and managing properties. With her infectious smile and friendly demeanour, Carol brings a wealth of experience in her current role as a real estate professional. She has 12 years of experience in legal advice, customer service and real estate. With an eye for detail and a ‘can do’ attitude she always exceeds her client’s expectations.

Carol is well known for her ability to connect with people allowing her clients to feel at ease. She has lived and worked in different countries including United Kingdom, Dubai, India and Bangladesh. Born in Bangladesh, she carries Bengali values in the core of her heart. She is a law graduate from University of London and has several other professional qualifications including a Class 1 license in Real Estate from NSW. She is bilingual and can speak in English, Bangla and Hindi.

Relationships are important to Carol both inside and outside of work. She loves spending quality time with her family and friends. She is a mother of two beautiful daughters Ashleigh and Emily and an avid animal lover.

Ambarish Jain - NSW

Ambarish is a fully licensed Buyers agent and has extensive experience in buying, building, selling and developing properties. He has 20 years of experience in customer service, IT, real estate and property development. He started his property consulting business in 2020.His vision is to help his clients to buy and build their dream homes and investments. His clients describe him as an extremely competent and persistent professional.

Ambrish has worked on many successful strategies including, Build to rent, Build to sell, Buy to sell, Quick in/out all over Australia. With extensive experience and a wealth of knowledge he always gets the best deal for his clients. He is well-known for his skilled negotiations and unconventional property finding techniques.

Ambrish is very friendly and always up for a chat. Feel free to call him directly on 0404 935 304.

Nahian Aziz - QLD

Introducing our accomplished Marketing Coordinator, Nahian Aziz, a uniquely qualified professional who seamlessly bridges the worlds of science and marketing. Armed with both a graduate and postgraduate degree in science and technology, she brings a depth of knowledge that sets her apart. With a remarkable 8-year track record encompassing customer care, public liaison, and R&D, she has honed her ability to connect with diverse audiences and anticipate market trends. Her extensive background in customer service and research equips her with the insight needed to navigate the ever-evolving real estate landscape, making her an invaluable asset to anyone seeking their dream property as well as in crafting innovative marketing campaigns that resonate with precision and impact.

Lalji Rathod - North QLD

Lalji is a highly experienced professional with a robust background in the construction industry, including essential infrastructure and planning regulations. His expertise also extends to property development, sales, and marketing. What truly distinguishes Lalji is his exceptional attention to detail and strong communication skills, which enable him to quickly understand and cater to customer needs and preferences. With a flexible and growth-oriented mindset, Lalji excels in assisting customers in formulating property investment strategies that align with both short-term and long-term objectives, taking into account budget constraints and expectations. Leveraging his proven expertise as a Business Manager and Complex Infrastructure Operations Manager, Lalji empowers customers to make well-informed decisions and gain a profound understanding of critical decision-making factors in their ventures. Whether it involves navigating complex regulatory requirements or optimizing returns on investments, Lalji’s diverse skill set adds substantial value to his role as a Marketing Coordinator at Amby Buyers Agency in North Queensland.

Basab Roy - NSW

Basab Roy has a diverse and impressive background. With his qualifications as a CPA and CA, along with his extensive experience in maintaining and updating accounting records for over 20 years, he has a strong foundation in financial and management aspects. His executive positions in management and statutory accounting, as well as his involvement in tendering, showcase his strategic skills and ability to handle complex tasks.
      His newfound passion for Real Estate seems to align well with his natural inclination as a “people person.” His love for interacting with people and engaging in conversations related to property needs highlights his interpersonal skills and customer-oriented approach. Being able to connect with various audiences and produce excellent results underscores his adaptability and effectiveness in different scenarios.

       Taking on the role of a Marketing Consultant at Amby Buyers Agency, Basab Roy’s wealth of experience and wide audience, particularly within the Bengali community, can be valuable for the agency’s outreach efforts. His involvement in cultural and social programs further demonstrates his community engagement and leadership qualities. The affectionate nickname “Big B” indicates that he’s well-regarded and likely a personable figure among his peers.

Overall, Basab Roy’s combined expertise in accounting, management, interpersonal skills, and passion for real estate positions him as a valuable asset to the Amby Buyers Agency.

Nick Arya - Victoria

Nick is our Marketing Consultant in Victoria with a strong focus on client satisfaction and effective communication. His patient and attentive nature, coupled with his willingness to truly understand the unique requirements of his clients, sets him apart in the industry. His active listening skills allow him to address any concerns and questions his clients may have, which in turn helps him identify the perfect properties that align with their needs.

One of Nick’s standout qualities is his win-win mentality. This approach showcases his commitment to achieving positive outcomes for both buyers and sellers, fostering a sense of trust and transparency in his transactions. His adept negotiation skills further enhance his ability to find solutions that leave both parties satisfied.

What’s particularly impressive about Nick is his client-centric approach. Placing his clients’ needs at the forefront and ensuring their happiness demonstrates his empathy and compassion. At the same time, his determination to secure the best results highlights his dedication to his work.

Overall, Nick’s unique combination of qualities – patience, active listening, a win-win mindset, negotiation prowess, and client focus – make him an exemplary Real Estate Sales Consultant who is likely to continue building lasting relationships and achieving success in the industry.

Tajender Singh - WA

Tejender’s extensive experience in customer service and sales spanning over 15 years makes him a valuable asset as the Marketing Consultant for Amby Buyers Agency in WA. With such a substantial background, he likely possesses a deep understanding of client needs and preferences, as well as a strong ability to effectively communicate and engage with potential clients.

Given his background, Tejender likely excels in building relationships and providing exceptional service to clients. His familiarity with sales strategies and customer service practices could contribute to his success in effectively promoting the services offered by Amby Buyers Agency.

In his role as a Marketing Consultant, Tejender might be skilled at crafting persuasive and engaging marketing materials that highlight the agency’s unique value proposition and benefits. His experience could enable him to develop strategies that target the right audience and effectively convey the agency’s offerings.

Additionally, Tejender’s extensive time in customer service and sales likely means he is well-versed in understanding market trends and customer behaviors. This insight could help him tailor marketing approaches that resonate with potential clients in the real estate industry.

Overall, Tejender’s background in customer service and sales positions him as a knowledgeable and capable Marketing Consultant who could play a pivotal role in promoting and expanding the reach of Amby Buyers Agency in WA.

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